When To Save VS. When To Splurge!

There’s something to say for a statement piece. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and one or two pieces really stand out and make you say, “wow”. I still remember walking into our house for the first time and having my breath taken away by the windows in our living room. The way they invited the surrounding 100 year old oak trees into our daily life was immediately healing for my soul. 

That’s what everyone needs in their home. Something that makes you stop, something that brings peace to your busy life, and that’s where we come in and help guide you to the right splurge purchases. 

So what are some typical items we see people spending their money on? Statement pieces and functional items people hope to have for years. If you’re talking about a living room, you might focus on a large couch, coffee table made of natural materials (like wood or stone) or a fireplace. We often advise clients to invest in a durable, long lasting couch, (especially if you have children or pets as they tend to really put some wear on seating arrangements) with strong, durable upholstery. 

In the kitchen, spend your money on cabinets and countertops. Cabinets home your dishes and will be handled daily, so you want to ensure that they are strong enough to last years. The craftsmanship on cabinets is incredibly important, which means you’ll have to spend more to get higher quality cabinets. Durable cabinetry can also live through trends as swapping out handles and paint colors are an easy option down the road. 

Splurge on the bed in your primary bedroom, nobody likes a bad night of sleep. Splurge on wallpaper in the powder bath, tile in the primary bath and beautiful natural materials – the stuff that comes from the earth can’t be beat when it comes to organic beauty. For example, quartzite or marble in places where it makes sense (see our advice on Quartz vs Marble here), a natural stone fireplace surround, steel accents, locally sourced wood species for custom cabinetry or key furniture pieces. 

So what should you save your money on? We advise clients to save on areas that are ever changing, like a child’s room. It’s also easy to save on the basics, like sinks, tubs and toilets. Smaller pieces like table lamps or side tables offer the opportunity to save some money if they are “supporting” pieces in the cast of a room. And purchasing prints or reproduction art pieces versus original art is another way to save on the overall cost of a room but not diminish the design impact of a space.

At HouseMill, we provide unique interior design and decorating services that reflect your personality and preferences, according to our own curated luxury Hill Country aesthetic. We get joy from partnering with local artisans for one of a kind details and products and we are an invaluable partner to high end architects and builders who are devoted to the craft of custom home design and building in Central Texas. 

We would be honored to work with you and help you achieve your dream home. 


Lauren and the Housemill Team

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