How To Hide Appliances

If you’ve ever picked up a home magazine you’ll notice that the kitchen counters are usually clutter free. That means the stylist has either moved/taken away the microwave, coffee maker, toaster etc, or, the interior designer has created hidden little homes for these everyday appliances. 

Our bet is both, but since we don’t live everyday life in magazines we’ve put together a helpful list on how to hide your kitchen appliances!

Clean countertops here we come!


  • Purchase a countertop microwave and place it in a pantry that has an outlet inside. Don’t have an outlet, that’s an easy fix, just call your electrician! 
  • An alternative to the pantry is finding a cabinet that has room for the microwave and again, install an outlet inside.
  • If hiding appliances is important to you we LOVE built in microwave drawers that go in your base cabinetry.

Refrigerator, Freezer, Ice Maker

  • A panel-ready refrigerator or freezer that has custom panel fronts made to match the rest of the cabinetry.
  • A countertop depth refrigerator or freezer that doesn’t stick out past your countertop.

Coffee Maker, Toaster, Blender

  • Inside a cabinet that has outlets inside, different door types:

-Retractable doors

-Lift-up front door

-Standard swing cabinet door

-Bi-fold cabinet doors

  • Tall full-height cabinets are a great solution to house multiple appliances

Stand Mixer

  • Inside a base cabinet with a heavy-duty lift mechanism
  • Inside a base cabinet that you manually get out
  • On your countertop if it’s not surround by a lot of clutter

We hope these ideas help you in creating a more peaceful kitchen with your appliances hidden yet accessible!

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Here is an example of 2 kitchens we designed to hide appliances. The left we installed a cabinet to the left where the blender, coffee maker and every day cooking items could be easily hidden yet fully accessible. And the kitchen to the right we installed a cabinet microwave! To see more of our clean and peaceful kitchens, click here.

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