What Is The Best Coffee Maker?

Our Design Team has done some research for you all!

If you’re like our team, you need a cup of coffee before you begin your day. Whether you spend 10 minutes carefully brewing a single cup or you spend 60 seconds pushing a button and letting the coffee drip on its own, we’re here to tell you which coffee maker can help you get your day going. 

For those who want to get out the door and just need fuel for the day:

This coffee maker is great for those who don’t have the 15 minutes to make coffee at home or go to the local coffee shop drive thru. The Nespresso Vertuo has everything you need for coffee on the go and all you have to do is pop in a coffee pod and press go. The great thing is that you can get pods for a full cup of coffee or for 2 shots of espresso. It comes with a milk frother so making lattes, americanos, cappuccinos and coffee is simple and will take you less than 3 minutes.

This coffee maker is one step up from the Nespresso. This one is for those who have quick mornings and need that cup of coffee to go, but wouldn’t mind spending some time on Saturday mornings making a good latte. This machine has a 24 hour programmable clock, able to be brewed at whatever time you wake up in the morning without you having to press a button. It also has a dual heating system so your inner barista can make espresso and froth milk practice your latte art on the weekends!

For those who enjoy the act of making coffee in the morning and taking that first sip before you walk out the door: 

We highly recommend picking out your favorite local coffee beans and grinding them so they are fresh before you brew your coffee. Any barista will tell you, the grinder you get is just as important as the way you make your coffee. 

If you enjoy drinking a cup of coffee that is strong, bold, and rich – this is the method for you. Both methods involve heated water poured over coffee grounds and can hold up to 3-4 cups of coffee once complete. You will be spending the extra amount of time waiting on your water to heat and waiting 2-3 minutes for the coffee grounds to soak, but the end result is worth it to the coffee aficionados out there. By using these methods you’ll become excited to try different coffee beans each week and taste the difference.

Either way you choose, these coffee makers are going to increase your love for coffee. 

We hope this helps you get out of bed in the morning. Here’s to a good cup, brewed well!

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