Why Styling Your Space Is Important!

It’s easy to get to the end of a major renovation and be tempted to skip the final step – styling- because you are tired and may have decision fatigue. But we KNOW that styling your space with those little touches that bring extra personality and the feeling of completion is crucial to finishing any project well! 

Not only do styling elements make a space feel complete, but they also seal the deal on the “look” you are going for in a room. For example, we took a recently completed bathroom renovation and styled it in two different genres to illustrate the importance of the little things. 

We wanted to create an eclectic, Bohemian vibe in the bathroom for styling session one, so we started with a one of a kind Turkish rug for a global touch. Next we added earthy brown colored towels to draw from the camel color in the rug and bring some moody depth to the room. Accessories with handmade or one of a kind aesthetics – a punched brass soap dispenser, woven baskets and a wood carved face – all enhance the Bohemian feeling of the space. Last, adding plants with more trailing, jungle vibes add a bit of an untamed feeling. And just like that, our timeless blue, white and brass bathroom feels like a haven for a wanderlust soul seeking to escape to faraway places, just by adding a few choice accessories!

In styling session two, we approached the bathroom with a classic, tailored perspective, seeking to emphasize the light, bright and clean feeling of the room. We started with a fresh pure white bath mat and added in classy light gray towels to keep the space from becoming visually heavy. We swapped the Bohemian accessories for an elegant stone bowl, rectangular storage baskets and some inviting bath salts. Adding a whitewashed wood tray on the countertop to contain smaller items contributes to a more buttoned up look, while the classic shapes of more tailored potted plants and fresh hydrangeas complete the crisp and clean look. 

Whether you are indulging your own different moods, changing things up for a new season, or making houseguests feel particularly comfortable, don’t underestimate the impact that the final styling touches can have. Loads of personality can come from small items and don’t be afraid to experiment in your own home!

Which way do you like the bathroom we recently remodeled and designed?!

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