How To Put On A Duvet Cover

A beautifully made bed can be a great way to start your morning, and some studies show that it can even improve your health. A duvet cover can become a key design feature when dressing your bed, and also a practical option that offers protection for your comforter.  It is arguably easier to wash a cover than to fit a king size comforter into your washing machine.  But how do you put the cover on?!

Here are some steps to avoid getting lost in the depths of your bedding:

  1. Turn the duvet cover inside out and lay it out on your bed.  
    1. Insider Tip: The opening slit usually goes at the foot of the bed.
  2. Lay your comforter on top and locate the two ties at the top of the duvet cover.
    1. Insider Tip: Ever wonder what those corner ties are for when you turn your cover inside out?  They help secure your comforter and prevent it from sliding and bunching inside the cover!  
  3. Wrap the ties around the corners a few times and tie them in a bow.  
  4. Find the opening at the bottom of the duvet cover and reach inside to grab the corners you just tied.  
  5. Pull the corners through the opening and turn your duvet cover right side out, with the comforter on the inside. 
  6. Dig inside and find the other two corners with ties to secure the comforter at all four corners.
  7. Now, Shake it out

Once your duvet and comforter are in place add your pillows and shams.  A cozy throw or coverlet at the foot of the bed makes a perfect finishing touch for a restful night sleep.  Want more inspiration for your sweet dreams…check out our HouseMill board for bedroom styles. 

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