Our First Podcast Episode!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like working with your spouse or partner? During our conversation with podcast host, Michelle Lynn, we share all about living in South Sudan, how I started our company, and after a decade of working in technology, Jonathan making the leap to join our team.

In this episode, we also share how important it is to stay in your own lane and the importance of shutting down work to make time for family. Jonathan shares how they are able to attract and recruit top talent to join our design team, and I got to share about the Creative Ladies Night in Austin I formed and the exciting thing it’s turned into.

It’s crazy to even be writing this because I never thought we would be the ones on someone’s podcast. However, I’ve realized that I am where I am today partly because of the women who went before me and shared their stories. So here we are folks, laying it all out there for everyone, showing your a full hand. Our hope in sharing a part of our journey is that someone listening would gleam some hope and be encouraged to take that next step towards starting their dream company, or quitting that corporate job to work on a legacy project, or learn a few helpful tips on growing your team! Happy listening!

Thanks for tuning in!

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