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Hygge Design example

Maybe you’ve heard about Hygge design, but would like to learn a bit more?
Here’s your first lesson: Hygge is pronounced “hoo-guh”.

Check out the recent Redfin article we were
featured in to go further:
This guide will show you everything you need to know to create a cozy, inviting, and stress-free
home. Choosing the right furniture and decor and creating a snug ambiance can transform
your interior into a tranquil and warm setting perfect for living the hygge life. 
So whether you’re renting a house in Santa Clarita, CA, or purchasing a home in
Bakersfield, CA, get started now and enjoy the benefits of a hygge lifestyle all winter long. 

Read the full article here: Hygge Design and
Decor: The Secrets to Creating a Happy Home |

Or if you just want to know our take, skip to point 5. 🙂

Textiles are a great way to add depth and warmth to a space – A core pillar of any hygge design

5. Incorporate a variety of textiles

Designing with the hygge principle in mind often means incorporating lots of textiles into your space. This could include blankets, pillows, throws, and rugs. 

Seasonal textiles are especially effective in creating a cozy ambiance in your home during the colder months. For example, you might want to switch out light curtains for heavier drapes to help keep draughts out. Or, if you have hard floors, placing some faux-fur rugs down can add much-needed warmth and comfort. Finally, don’t forget to pile on the throw pillows. Soft, sumptuous cushions are key to achieving that inviting, cozy feel.

“The main elements of hygge design that resonate with us are an emphasis on layered, organic textures and spaces that invite people to gather and promote togetherness,” recommends HouseMill Design. Nothing is too precious to enjoy in a hygge home, and avoiding materials that are too sharp, hard, or cold.” 

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Be the first to get our Designer Tips, Tricks and Trends!