The world is fast, it’s busy, and sometimes it's exhausting. We know because we’ve been there, too. But we’ve found the power of home and what it means to our mental and emotional health on a daily basis, and we want that for you, too. 
So like the windmill, we stand as a trusted source and vow to our clients that we will take your busy lives and create a place of respite for your soul. 
Welcome to Housemill Design. 

Why your home matters and how it can give life to your soul.

As the daughter of an architect and interior designer father, I was immersed in the home design industry from a young age, but didn’t realize my own passion for interior design until living overseas in rural Africa with my husband and young daughter from 2009-2012. “The powerful concept of home didn’t hit me until I had to build a new home across the ocean with very few resources. Every choice we made had to be resourceful and functional but also beautiful to provide a respite and a haven from the harsh realities of daily life.” After returning home to Austin, I freelanced as a field editor and stylist for national shelter magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV Magazine. I founded Lauren Ramirez Interiors, in 2016 as my passion for home intersected with the practical experience gained in the field and an abundance of requests from clients to help transform their spaces.

founder + principal designer

When Lauren's passion for interiors began to show up during our Africa years, it was a familiar feeling to me. I'm the son of a designer too! Lauren was joyfully consumed with making our humble space just right. While I'm not gifted in the design world as she is, I have grown to really appreciate and trust what she does to a space. It's always beyond what I would have imagined and her ability to carry her vision into our family's reality is something I'm grateful for. My greatest interests lie in the kitchen as I've learned to love cooking, spending time with friends and hunting in the outdoors. After a decade working in technology and a few years of toying with the idea of working with Lauren, I decided to make the leap in 2021 to join the team and help in an operational role. I'm just happy to be here!

Whitney’s passion for interior design began as a child as she cut out photos of furniture to decorate paper collage dollhouse creations and dreamed up ways to rearrange her childhood bedroom. She followed her passion and went on to study interior design at Texas Christian University. Committed to her craft, she has been designing high-end residential projects for over 17 years. As our resident space planning guru, she loves to solve creative problems and craft custom details throughout the course of a project. Inspired by functional living, Whitney is most fulfilled when she sees a design come to life and evidence of the way it elevates a client’s daily life.

Hi, I'm Whitney

Sidney's creativity and love for design started from traveling to unique locations in the United States and Europe. Being a part of a military family allowed her to be immersed in a community of different cultures. As an undergraduate student from Kent State University living and traveling abroad, her class studied with local designers, tenured professors and collaborated in small groups with local students while sharing their collective identities. Her experiences had a few simple principles: sustainable design that positively impacts people and how to share the spaces in which we live comfortably. Passionate about finding creative ways to use design methods to help others drives Sidney and keeps her focused on the big picture. 

Hi, I'm Sidney

designer I

McKenzie has a love for all things design and how everything is made - woven accessories, beautiful handmade tile, and custom furniture all become little details of a home that create its' character. As a recent graduate from UT Austin's School of Architecture, her designer eye is always seeking to find the harmony and balance to create a well rounded home. From drawing in CAD to styling on site, she's enthusiastically a part of each step. It's her personal goal to learn more along the way and carry an open mind to try something new in each project. 

Hi, I'm McKenzie

designer I

Christine is our Purchasing Manager for all orders that are placed through our studio. She ensures that our clients receive the correct customizations to their purchases, and she gets it to them as quickly as manufacturers will let her. She also works behind the scenes to help make sure everything runs smoothly, which includes client and vendor communications, ordering and tracking materials, various administrative duties, billing, and more. Her experience has been working in insurance, real estate and as the office manager for a luxury custom home builder. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her husband and two grown boys and taking long walks with her Labrador Retriever.

Hi, I'm Christine


Hi, I'm Lauren

Hi, I'm Jonathan

Hi, I'm Pancho

In summary, I run the show around here. The design team tends to lean on me for emotional support, and I suppose I'm happy enough to let them. I enjoy snuggling Mom before bedtime, being lazy in the sunshine, playing with my sisters Adelaide and Elouise, and catching scraps when Dad is playing chef. I suppose this ship could run without me, but it certainly wouldn't run as well.

Emma’s love for design became obvious when she was a little girl with a handy Dad. What started with her designing and helping build her own loft bed sparked a bigger passion for residential design. She loves to see how color and materials can transform any space. She moved to Austin from central Illinois to study interior design at the University of Texas and recently graduated with her Bachelors degree from the School of Architecture. Her favorite part of the design process is working on schematic drawings and analyzing the functionality of a home specific to its users. Emma has an eye for thrifting and loves to incorporate family heirlooms and antiques into new spaces.

Hi, I'm Emma

Junior designer


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