Housemill Design.

Respite. Legacy. Trusted Design.

There’s something beautiful about an old windmill. It has a story; a history of helping life continue on.

3700+ years ago windmills were conceptualized under Babylonian rule as a tool for irrigation, however, sadly, those plans never materialized. 1500 years later in Greece, windmills were created to power music and the wind organ was born. 

Around the same time, although thousands of miles away in Tibet people were creating miniature versions of a windmill for prayer. 

The modern windmills that we think of today showed up in the Middle East and Western Asia in the 8th century before becoming a calling card for idyllic European farms who quickly understood their usefulness and versatility of applications on a given landscape. 

Today, there are over 50,000 windmills in service with more being added each day. The history is fascinating and part of what inspired our new brand, Housemill Design.  

When our family traded in the city lights for country roads almost a year ago, we purchased an old homestead with an ancient windmill perched at the front of our property. She stands tall, whispering of the families she’s helped sustain, and it occurred to us that like the windmill, we too are seeking to help families build something sustainable and lasting.

Housemill Design was born from marrying our desire to create lasting peace and luxurious design for our clients. 

The world is fast, it’s busy, and you are exhausted, we know because we’ve been there, too. But we’ve found the power of home and what it means to our mental and emotional health on a daily basis, and we want that for you, too. 

So like the windmill, we stand as a trusted source and vow to our clients that we will take your busy lives and help create a place of respite for your soul. 

Welcome to Housemill Design.


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  1. Sandy Alford says:

    Well Said.

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