Should I Use Marble or Quartz?

It’s the hardest of questions: Marble vs Quartz. Both materials are beautiful and each have their own pros and cons. As designers we are often asked which material a client should install, quartz or marble, and while there’s truly nothing like the look and feel of authentic marble, a few questions should be asked before getting out your checkbook. 

Marble is a natural stone, quarried from the earth and different parts of the world produce different types, colors and variations of marble and every slab mined from the earth is slightly different. Even though marble is exquisite with it’s untamed veining, natural color changes, and the luxurious feel of having a piece of earthy beauty inside your home, marble does have a few downfalls.  Marble is a soft, yet durable stone, which makes it desirable for sculptures and monuments, but because of its softness it means it’s also incredibly absorbent and porous. 

Quartz (not to be confused with quartzite, which is a topic for a future blog post!) is an engineered, or man made product that is made primarily of crushed stone mixed with resin. It’s then printed or dyed to mimic the look of marble or other natural stones. Typically, every slab of quartz is exactly the same as the other slab of the same manufacturer and colorway because they are man made. This means they are very consistent in size and color – you know what you are going to get when you pick a quartz slab.

Why do these differences matter when choosing between marble and quartz? Well, because marble stains and scratches quite easily and takes on the wear and tear of daily life. 

Does this mean you shouldn’t go with your heart’s desire and install marble? No, but here are a few things to consider:

  1. If you have children…go with quartz in the kitchen. Think juice spills, acidic fruits (they strip marble which leads to discoloration and staining), marinara sauce splatters, etc etc.
  2. If you’re wanting to install marble somewhere in your home opt for a bathroom vanity, as marble easily absorbs heat.
  3. Quartz can be more expensive than marble, but it’s almost indestructible.
  4. You can pick any design and color when it comes to quartz, whereas with marble you’re limited to what the earth has created. 
  5. Quartz doesn’t stain…

After interviewing all of our design staff, everyone advises quartz in the kitchen, marble in other areas of your home with less potential for damage! Don’t love the look of quartz? We have plenty of high end, luxurious quartz samples that would cause any onlooker to swoon. 

We hope this information was helpful, and as always, please let us know if we can help design your dream home.


Lauren and the Housemill Team

The Journal


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