How to Arrange a Floral Centerpiece

Making a floral arrangement is a celebratory experience. It marks an event and represents the mood and creativity of the maker. Whether the arrangement is for an event, a gift to someone special, or a way to brighten up your space; the design intent is going to blossom in the room it’s placed in. Here are a couple of things to consider when putting together your own flower centerpiece:

Having a variety of flowers / foliage:

It’s always a great idea to have three different groupings of flowers for your arrangement:

  • Base flower
  • Accent flower
  • Filler flower 

Base flower: Large flowers such as peonies, dahlias, ranunculus, or queen protea. Base flowers are the main flower in your centerpiece and should be placed first at the “base” of your vase. The color of your flower will determine the color for the other coordinating pieces.

Accent flower: Medium flowers such as roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, or daisies. The accent flowers will be positioned around the base flower. There should be more of them to create a balance of the eye between the two. 

Filler flower: Smaller flowers with lots of stems that are lightweight such as baby’s breath, lavender, lily of the valley, or foxglove. Filler flowers will be the last piece and placed in the gaps between accent and base flower. 

Pro tip: You can have more than one base, accent, or filler flower. If adding in more flowers, keep the filler flower a lighter color to create a balance in the centerpiece!

Pro tip #2: To add more green to your centerpiece, consider grabbing leaves from your backyard – pick stems with large leaves and also small leaves to get a variety!

Final Step!

The final piece to your beautiful bouquet is the vase! What comes first, the vase or the bouquet? If you found a really fun patterned vase like this one, pick 1 color for your bouquet to let the vase and the florals look good in harmony. If you are more inspired by the colors of your flowers, pick a vase that is neutral but has a beautiful texture, like this one on our online shop! 

pink painted anemone flowers. white astrantia flower, and bush ivy from above. Austin floral arrangement. how to make a floral arrangement.

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