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coffee before you begin your day. Whether you spend 10 minutes carefully brewing a single cup or you spend 60 seconds pushing a button and letting the coffee drip on its own, we’re here to tell you which coffee maker can help you get your day going.

What Is The Best Coffee Maker?

best cup of coffee. best coffee maker. best coffee in Austin.

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If you’ve ever picked up a home magazine you’ll notice that the kitchen counters are usually clutter free. That means the stylist has either moved/taken away the microwave, coffee maker, toaster etc, or, the interior designer has created hidden little homes for these everyday appliances.

How To Hide Appliances

how to hide appliances, clean kitchen, Austin interior designer, hidden coffee maker, hidden blender

"We enjoyed working with Housemill Design, there professional team were accommodating to our wants and needs. 
They brought new innovative ideas while preserving the character and charm of our historic family ranch home."
-Debi Kennedy

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